You can do this!

We are excited to hear from you! The application below is the next step after you have prayed and something in you says, "YES!" You will grow in spirit-led leadership, go deeper with friends, and open your home to the Lord and other women. It will be fun, exciting, and such a great opportunity to grow personally and invite others to meet the Lord's presence.  

After you submit the application below, you will hear from a Refresh leader.


Living Room Leader Process

  • Pray
  • Apply Online Below
  • Purchase Leaders Guide
  • Receive a call from a Refresh Leader  
  • Start the Guide
  • Host your Refresh Living Room

Living Room Leader Application

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Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Preferred Living Room Night Date
Preferred Living Room Night Date
If your heart is burdened by this question or this causes unrest and discord in your spirit, it is ok! Our heart is FOR YOU and the season God has you in right now. If you are feeling this is not the time to add more to your plate, please shut your computer, go rest, and check back with us and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) the Lord when the time is right!