Refresh Dream Planner

Written By: Sarah Eslinger

Scripture Reading: Genesis 29

How often do we think things will change for us when some illusive x-factor occurs? We daydream naively, or even angrily, about what it might be like when…

And we begin to believe lies like:

I’ll be happy when…

I’ll be satisfied when…

I’ll feel loved when…

The list can go on and on.

Well, the good news is we are not the only ones who have battled these lies. In the book of Genesis, we find the story of Leah. There are few women in the Bible who felt more overlooked, unwanted, or unloved than Leah. Given in deception as a wife to Jacob, she awoke on day one of her honeymoon to her new husband’s despair. Why? She was not the sister Jacob wanted. She was not the one he loved. “When the Lord saw that she [Leah] was unloved, He made her able to bear children… Now, my husband will love me” (Genesis 29:31). Four sons later, Leah still believed more sons would gain her the love of her husband. But even that was never enough. Acknowledging that God was near in her heartache and loneliness was not much consolation either. Not because God’s plan for her was bad, but because she was unable to release to Him the one thing she felt she needed most, Jacob’s love. It was when she gave birth to her son, Judah, that she finally exclaimed, “This time I will praise the Lord.” In that moment, she chose to praise God for the blessings, not the lack. She chose to praise the Lord no matter what seemed to be missing because she finally knew only He could satisfy the deepest desire of her heart. Only He could offer her real love!

Isn’t this how our lives can feel? If only “this” would happen, it would create the perfect opportunity or circumstance for us to tackle and accomplish our dreams. Perhaps the thing that will bring us the greatest joy is not what we hold the tightest, but what is right behind it. Choose this month to offer your praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, regardless of what you feel is missing. Praise will shift the atmosphere of your heart and your home.


  1. Is there something you are waiting to see happen, thinking it will allow you to move forward?

  2. What are the desires of your heart? Ask God to reveal them to you.

  3. Do you know how much the Lord loves you? Ask Him to show you and spend time praising Him for His love like Leah did.

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