Vision. For each of us that hears the word, a different emotion begins to rise to the surface of our hearts. 

There is the girl who brims over with excitement. “Oh, you want to talk about vision?!?! Well don’t even get me started sister. I have a journal, tons of dreams, a 10-year plan…” – you get the type. 

For others it might as well be a curse word. Vision sounds scary. It might sound abstract, too “dreamy” for those of us in the real world of harsh realities. How do I even get vision and what does that look like?!

Whether you are a visionary by nature or find this to be an area of struggle in your life, I want to encourage you today with a simple truth. The best way to get vision, and the best kind of vision, comes through the same method - beholding JesusJesus taught us how the only life worth living is a life that is a death to self so that His life may thrive in us. For those of us in Christ, this becomes the very foundation on which every vision must be built. 

But still there is more…

To gain clear vision in our lives, we not only need to see the Lord, but we need to remember He sees us. 

To gain clear vision in our lives, we not only need to see the Lord, but we need to remember He sees us. 

In Genesis 16:13, we find Hagar who had fled her problems after she was dealt with very harshly by her master, Sarai. Hagar, filled with anguish, had an undeniable encounter with God. She cried out to the Lord in the midst of both her emotional and physical distress. “You are the God who sees me!” for she said, “Truly here I have seen Him who looks after me.” God’s vision is perfect. There is no darkness dark enough to stop God from seeing you.

When my vision becomes cloudy, it is not time to figure it all out. It’s time to behold Jesus. So, when our sight is blurred, let us learn to speak the truth of God’s powerful Word over our lives. 

I am deeply satisfied when my visions are Kingdom minded, rather than being focused on my  own self-promotion. Not to us, oh Lord, but to your name be the glory. 

I am filled with purpose when I understand that the Lord wants me to dream in order to be a partner in His vision. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven. 

I am completely humbled to know that the Everlasting Father is calling me into an intimate relationship with Him. No longer do I call you servants, but I call you friends.

I am encouraged when I accept that my belief and faith are required by God because it has nothing to do with me mustering up courage, but everything to do with believing in who He says He is. And without faith it is impossible to please him. 

I am overcome with peace when I realize that all of my short comings, mess ups and failures of the present (or 10 minutes ago) do not disqualify me from being used by God. Oh how He Loves us (ME!).

So as Hebrews 12: 2 charges us - “Come, let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our Faith!”  

Pray: Lord, help me to BEHOLD YOU!  Jesus, I need clear vision for my life. I have questions to be answered, but I lay them down now that I may focus on knowing you. Help me to fix my eyes on you, that I may gain your vision for my life. May I be reminded that you are the God who sees me! You see me and know my heart and every detail about me. Thank you, Lord, for never leaving me and teaching me what it means to both dream and have the faith to believe. 

Take Away: To gain clear vision in our lives, we not only need to see the Lord, but we need to remember He sees us. The solution to clouded vision is to fix our eyes on Jesus! 

Activate: Create time (don’t wait for it, create it!) to pray, worship and study God’s word. Surrender both your FEARS and your DREAMS to the Lord as you invest time into knowing Him more. As you do, He promises to make your paths straight! 


About Taylor Quintini

Taylor and her husband, Jeremy, live just outside of Baton Rouge. Jeremy is the Executive Pastor at Journey Church and Taylor loves to minister alongside of him. She is also the owner of Weddings Taylor Made, a wedding & event planning company (, and co-owner of a specialty rental business ( She serves on the Refresh team and she does all of this while making sure her four littles (all 5 and under) are loved, fed, clothed, and clean (repeat). Taylor is a natural leader; her heart is passionate for the Lord and she has a strong desire to share Him with others.