Refresh Dream Planner

Written By: Erin Lewis

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 25

Timing. It’s all about timing. Whether a dream, a plan, or a conversation. In fact, sometimes our lives and those around us depend on our timing. In 1 Samuel 25, we meet a woman who has probably mastered the art of “perfect timing.” Her name is Abigail and the Word tags her as “an intelligent and beautiful woman.” In stark opposition, her husband, Nabal, is a harsh, mean-hearted, and quite difficult dude. We especially need the right timing with people like this. Well, in this part of Abigail’s story, we see her knack for timing through her immediate action and wisdom to slow down.  

Knowing she must dissuade the anointed king of Israel from repaying the insults given him from her husband, the fool (literally that is what his name means!), Abigail responds immediately to the gravity of the information delivered by her servants. After protecting shepherds tending Nabal’s flocks, David’s kindness is met with Nabal’s complete dishonor. David is mounting his attack. Realizing she only has so long before death and destruction are at her door, the Bible says, “Abigail lost no time.” She didn’t freak out. She didn’t pace around the house or drop down into the fetal position. No! This woman was moved to action, collecting peace offerings of animals and food to hopefully make amends for her husbands insolence and stupidity. As she approached King David with these offerings, the Word says, “She quickly got off her donkey,” and bowed before him. She knew the value of acting quickly, of making haste. The lives of her household depended on it.

But just as there are moments in our lives to move swiftly as Abigail did in this situation, God often puts situations in front of us that demand us to slow down. In the aftermath of this incident, Abigail knew she would need to share with her husband what happened, what she had done on his behalf. Aware of the party going on, friends, plenty of wine and her “very drunk” husband, Abigail waited to tell him the news. As rapidly as she rode off to the king earlier, she knew and valued waiting to explain her actions to her husband until “the wine had left him.” Abigail had perfect timing. It’s all about timing. As you are planning this month, examine what requires immediate action, and that which begs you to slow down.

Activation Questions:

1. What things do you feel the Lord asking you to act now on?

2. What areas do you feel Him prompting you to slow down?

3. Ask the Lord to show you how to plan those out for this month.