Refresh Dream Planner

Written by: Melinda Denton

Scripture Reading: Exodus 2:1-10

The story of Moses’ birth and survival does not begin with the future “Giver of the Law” floating down the crocodile-infested waters of the Nile River. No, we are first painted a beautiful vignette of one of the most courageous mothers in the Bible, Jochebed. This woman of great faith cleverly hatched a plan to rescue her infant son from certain death and destruction.

Her Biblical narrative begins as a mother of two and now pregnant for a third time. We can only imagine the despair she must have felt as she wondered if it would be a girl or a boy. And then came the gut punch of all gut punches: it was a boy! Normally, this would be cause for much celebration, but not this time. With a Pharaoh bent on ridding himself of all Israelite males, having a son at this point in time meant certain death for the new baby. Courageously, she tucked her son away for three months, and when she could no longer hide his cries, she prepared a basket out of papyrus and put her helpless child into it.

She let go of the vessel.

She surrendered her little boy.

She walked away and trusted her God.

My momma heart cries imagining this scene. The fatigue of three months of nursing her infant. Trying to muffle his sobs, living day and night in the grips of anxiety. Now all of it surrendered into the loving hands of Yahweh. Only because of her full confidence in the Lord could she abandon her son rather than see him slain. This is a portrait of true bravery in the face of angst and struggle. Jochebed showed great courage where she could have chosen fear.

When she situated little Moses on the Nile River that day, Jochebed could not have realized he would mature to be one of God's most notable leaders, chosen to deliver the Hebrew people from bondage in Egypt. She would never know that her baby boy would one day lead the people of Israel to the edge of the Promised Land. By courageously letting go and trusting God, an even more remarkable dream was satisfied. Like Jochebed, we will not always foresee God's purpose in our letting go, but we can have courage to step out and trust Him. His plan is far superior. This month ask the Lord to reveal areas in which you need to walk courageously.


1. What areas of your life do you need courage?

2. List some scriptures on bravery and courage to help you when tough times come.