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March Devotion

Written By: Kassidy Bezet

Scripture Reading: Luke 8:43-48

Have you ever been desperate for a miracle? The book of Luke, in chapter eight, tells us about a woman who was desperate for a miracle. We do not know much about her other than she had been battling a bleeding condition for twelve years. The other thing we know is she had spent all of her money seeking a cure, but doctors were not able to help her. It seems bad enough to have suffered for so many years with no hope of a cure, but it gets worse. In those days, she was considered unclean. Laws banned her from public places including the temple. Can you imagine not only battling an incurable disease but also rejection? She was desperate for a miracle. But there was a name she had been hearing around town lately… Jesus. Could He help her? Could He give her the healing and relief she’s been so desperately desiring?

Jesus was on His way to heal another man’s daughter with a huge throng of people following Him to see what would happen. Now I am sure this woman is well aware of the crowd, knowing if she touches anyone they too become unclean; the penalty, death by stoning. But she knew Jesus was her last hope. She timed it up perfectly, touching the hem of His robe and then… it stopped. In an instant she was made well and in the same instant the Word says Jesus realized power had gone out from Him. He asked, “Who touched my robe?” And of course the disciples answer is classic, “There’s thousands of people around, and you ask who touched you?” Oh, but it was not a physical touch, it was a touch of faith. She did not ask Jesus to lay hands on her and pray for her. In fact, everyone in the crowd probably had a need of some sort, but her faith grabbed His attention. She put everything on the line to reach out to Jesus. She had nothing left! No other options. No other alternatives. No essential oil bombs to mix or diffuse. Jesus was all she had. Her faith moved Him so strongly that He declared over her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well.” This woman who was once known as unclean was hearing the sweetest words she had heard in decades! He was her miracle!

God isn’t moved by our needs, he’s moved by our faith. Do you want faith that makes Jesus stop? Do you want faith that causes power to flow out of him? Whatever situations we face, all it takes is faith as small as a mustard seed! He responds to your heart.


  1. Ask God to stir up your faith, to get your hopes high!

  2. Now ask Him to show you what situations you are facing this month which need great faith.

  3. How does He want you to walk those out?