By Meredith Moore

As I sat in the packed chapel of the funeral home in my “proper” black funeral dress and selfish attitude, I was hoping it would be a quick service so we could get on with our Saturday.  I hadn’t even made Brad and the kids come with me-it wasn’t important, we didn’t really know him, we weren’t close to this part of the family.  But as I began to hear the stories of my 35 year old cousin who had passed away from a massive heart attack that week, God was preparing to get my attention and do a massive work in my own heart. 

My cousin had had his share of trouble.  He was a drug addict but had fought his way to sobriety many years ago.  He had been kicked out of 14 rehabs.  His mom never did give up on him and decided to give it one last shot at Isaiah’s House.  It was there he finally found the Lord and began changing his world and those around him.  Rob went on to seminary, wrote books, and led countless others to sobriety and most importantly, to Jesus.  Man after man scruffy, tatted up and not in “proper” funeral clothes, stood up for nearly 2 hours saying, “I know Jesus Christ as my Savior because Rob Reid told me about him!”  It was the most moving funeral I had ever been to and I hardly knew Rob.  I walked out of that crowded, hot room knowing I could not be the same.  I knew I wanted one person to stand up at my funeral and say, “I know Jesus Christ because Meredith told me about Him!”

The Lord gives me many people to reach, unfortunately, the enemy gives me just as many excuses.  I cannot tell you the countless people I have thought, “Oh, they just need some Jesus in their life!”  But I inevitably excuse away the opportunity to tell them about my relationship with Jesus or to invite them to church.  It is always because the children interrupt us talking or I think they are too busy or we are serving this weekend or I will wait until that “special” service we are having…I mean, the enemy can give me some excuses! 

Here is what I have to remember…God will work out the details.  God will iron out the kinks in the schedule or the roadblocks ahead.  The best invitation I ever got was a very casual, “Hey, want to come to church with us on Saturday night?”  That night changed my walk with Jesus, changed the path of my marriage and ultimately had an eternal impact I have yet to see completed.  God will use you to be His vessel and that vessel may just be a simple invitation with no strings attached.  

Heed this warning though: it will take practice!  I was so on fire to invite ALL my new neighbors to come to church.  The church had even provided door hangers so I thought, “Oh, this will be easy!”  Even my kids were excited.  However, as we are walking the Enemy reminds me, “You don’t want to disturb anyone.  You also haven’t even met these people, you don’t want to be ‘those neighbors’!”  So the nerves set in and we would quickly knock and wait like 2 seconds for someone to answer before I would start shooing the kids on to the next house.  At the LAST house, someone answers the door before we even got there!  I was a bumbling idiot, said something about “Come to church with us!” then shoved the door hanger in her hand and ran away!  It wasn’t the best approach-I probably should have at minimum introduced myself!  I am quite positive I didn’t win anyone to Christ that afternoon. 

They don’t need your perfect sermon-they need your heartfelt testimony of how Jesus’s love rescued you and set you free.

Here’s the encouragement though…Jesus is enough!  We may feel like Moses and not be an eloquent speaker.  We may think we are too old like Sarah or too young like Timothy.  We may have a thorn in our side like Paul.  However, we have Jesus Christ dwelling in us and the love He has shown us is enough.  People are hurting and need hope.  They don’t need your perfect sermon-they need your heartfelt testimony of how Jesus’s love rescued you and set you free.  Jesus will meet you where you are today and give you the words you need.  If we all just reach one person-the results will be exponential for the Kingdom.  Remember His promise: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  May He meet you in your weakness today and make you each powerful for His glory!  

Meet Meredith Moore

Introducing my great friend, Meredith Moore.  The way I met Meredith is telling of the kind of friend she is.  I met Meredith because my husband and her husband were roommates in college. Meredith threw us a wedding shower without even knowing me.  I literally walked into her house (a month after they moved in) for the shower,introduced myself to her, and the party began.  She has a heart that loves lavishly without judgement. Meredith is steady and exemplifies humility. She is a wife to Brad and a mom to twins. They live in the North Dallas area and she has a blast homeschooling her kids. I love her and was so encouraged by this post and I know you will be too. - Jamie