By Janna Hamilton

In 2011, after a mission trip to Honduras, Fatima's Nest began.

The person who inspired the name of our non-profit is Fatima. She is a young, single mother in Choluteca, Honduras. I was first introduced to Fatima in 2004 when my family and home church, Revival Tabernacle in Watsontown, PA, took a mission trip to Honduras for the first time. Fatima was a very young girl then, and she immediately stole my mother and father's hearts when they met her. She was a poor little girl from a river community in Choluteca, Honduras. As my parents gave her a single orange she closely hugged them and told them she loved them. It was in that moment that the birthing of Fatima's Nest began. Seven years later, after many trips to Choluteca, Honduras, my parents went back to do mission work along with their church. Unfortunately, I was unable to join them. I was torn, because a little bit of my heart is there. The people truly take your heart the moment you meet them. In an effort to keep myself busy, and my mind off the fact that I wasn't in Honduras, I started to create some little nest like pieces of jewelry- just for fun. When my parents returned, my father and I were talking one night about the overwhelming needs in Choluteca, including the needs of my "sister" Fatima. Fatima had a baby girl now named Jannita, and they were living in a very difficult housing situation with many other people. As my father and I talked I was making a nest necklace- just for fun. I held up the nest and said "I bet people would buy these..." From that moment on the profits from every piece of jewelry I have made have been given to build homes for single mothers just like Fatima. In March 2012 my father and I took a trip together to Choluteca. With all the money raised in hand we were able to get our first project underway- FATIMA'S HOME. We returned with a large mission’s crew in June and completed the home for Fatima. We were able to fully furnish her home with a refrigerator, bunk beds, a dresser, a table and chairs and a play area for little Jannita.

Since then we have been able to lay a floor, set up a guarding fence, and provide a secure door for another single mother named Irma. We have currently raised 75% toward our next project; which is to buy land in Choluteca to build a safe community of homes for other single mothers. We will teach them a trade to provide for themselves and help set them up for success in their lives. When you purchase any piece of jewelry from Fatima’s Nest (through Jilline’s Boutique) 100% of proceeds will go toward the purchasing of the land and building homes for single mothers in third world countries. We have everything from wire crafted to statement jewelry. Come check us out… you will be glad you did!

Meet Janna Hamilton

I met Janna Hamilton last year at Refresh Houston. Janna is as cute as can be and I was struck by her fun personality.  She is married to Josh and they live in Tulsa where she teaches Kindergarten and First grade. She has a missionary heart and has been to India, Romania, Peru, and Honduras. After hearing Janna's story with Fatima's Nest at Refresh, I was inspired by her initiative and generous heart.  I asked Janna to share about Fatima's Nest and what led her to create the gorgeous jewelry and help build homes in Honduras. Janna is single handily changing the world.  I read a quote from Charlotte Gambill recently that reminded me of Janna:"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."Janna took a hobby and redirected it for His purpose and now she is apart of changing the lives of generations in Honduras.  After reading the post below you can find more information about Fatima's Nest at  Thank you Janna, for showing us that our part matters.