You, child, are not forgotten.  

He hears every prayer whispered. He is near to you and your situation. He delights in His children coming to Him with their little faith, trusting Him, seeking Him, surrendering to Him. His answer may look different than expected, but His answer is always in love. He brings redemption in His work and knows just how to captivate your heart through the process. His heart for you does not sleep, does not abandon; it is not too busy. No, His heart for you is all consuming. If you look with new eyes, you might see His glory and handprints all around. He sees you and is with you. You, child, are not forgotten.

He holds you in the very palm of His hand.

You may not see relief like you want, but there is power and freedom in surrender. Surrender your expectations and surrender your “shoulds." Surrender your “ifs” and surrender your dreams to Him. He holds you in the very palm of His hand. There is safety there. There is safety in the shadow of His wing. There is refuge in His name. You, child, are in His name. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead can bring the dead dreams, dead hopes, dead gifts, and all dead things back to life. Surrender to Him. He is able to bring dead things back to the way they were meant to be. You don't have to be able to understand it for Him to be able to do it. You, child, are not forgotten.

You are His passion. You are His heart's focus. You are the reason He came as a baby into a world filled with sin, hate, ugliness, loneliness, sickness, darkness, and selfishness. He came down from His throne in Heaven to the lowly things of this world and He came for you. He came to redeem every work and power against you. He came to bring healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He came to bring life back into the dead things. Offer up your dead things; surrender to Him. He has your best in mind. He will take it and take care of you in your grief. You, child, are not forgotten.  

Like the morning sunrise, there is newness in today. He brings His mercies fresh every morning. He speaks and with His words water is divided, seas are parted, skies are made, animals, seas, plants, and trees are formed. We are held together with the power of His spoken word. He spoke and made you from His own image, His master work of art. You, child, are His master work of art. He looks down and sees all you were created to be, you at your fullest. Through Jesus, you were created with a Heavenly hope and future in this day. He spoke “It is very good." Did you hear that? He spoke His goodness into you then and is still speaking His goodness into you today. His words do not return void; they are powerful and they are true. You may not see it, you may not feel it, you may not even believe it, but His words spoken over you are the most authentic truth. They are more true than the sky being blue. You, child, are not forgotten.  

He spoke His goodness into you then and is still speaking His goodness into you today.

His heart is for you. His heart is to see you in freedom receiving His love, believing His love, and walking in His love. He came to this earth to captivate you in His love. His delay is not His forgetting. His delay may be His setting the stage to redeem you. Like Noah, obeying and building and shutting the doors to the boat, he waited. He waited and the Lord did not forget Noah. In the stink of being in a boat with animals, the Lord did not forget his son. In Noah’s waiting, the Lord was preparing the landscape to receive His new promise. Your new promise is coming. You, child, are not forgotten.  

Let the hope of God arise; let the hope of the Abba Father sprout in your heart today. He brings life to the dead things and His words are true. You, child, are not forgotten.


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About Jamie Schlegel

Jamie and her family live in the North Dallas area. She loves people and community. Her favorite people are her husband and two sons (not the old TV show, her actual sons). She treasures her family and friends and would much rather meet up for coffee than get anything productive (laundry) done at home. Her husband makes her snort laugh and her two boys inspire her with their cuteness and wonder. She loves road trips and going to the mountains and the beach. She is a planner who loves dessert, barre class (so she can eat dessert) and she always loves a good laugh.