By Kelli Sommers

So I, the prisoner for the Lord, appeal to you to live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called [that is, to live a life that exhibits godly character, moral courage, personal integrity, and mature behavior—a life that expresses gratitude to God for your salvation], (Ephesians 4:1 AMP)

You know all those ideas swirling around in your head? The ones you think could never happen? The dreams that seem impossible? The visions that don’t go away even after a few years? The ideas that produce the most passion in you? Those are God dreams, and they will never die. No matter how many times you reply with, I can’t do this. This will never happen, the dreams/ideas will stay. And they will eat you alive until you take a step and reach out to grab them.

Be careful, though, some people will not understand. They will question you. They will doubt you. They will talk about your big ideas. It’s actually biblical. Joseph woke up from the most fantastic dreams, and in his immaturity, he couldn’t wait to tell someone. So, he told all of his brothers. You know what happened next. He got sold and put in prison, and there he got a dose of maturity. Then he got out of prison and was in charge of the one thing his family needed: food. He turned his brothers’ wrath and persecution into a great picture of forgiveness and faith. (Genesis 37-39)

Too many times, I have not heeded the moral of this story. I get so excited, so pumped to tell everyone what God has revealed to me and the plans He has for me. Most of the time, people smile and then the questioning begins. The questioning deflates my bubble and I walk away wondering what I was even thinking. In my immaturity, I give out the big vision before I have a strategy to see it through. I have seen the end result, and I’m so sure of it, I blurt it out without even thinking what it must sound like. It might even come across as egotistical or straight up prideful. I have not let the seed of the idea take root, grow and blossom. I show off the seed like I have a full-grown vineyard and beg people to believe with me. It’s silly. It’s immature.

I would let Him plant it deep in my soul and nurture the gift He gave me with belief and faith, in private.

If I were mature, I would give the seed back to Him. I would let Him plant it deep in my soul and nurture the gift He gave me with belief and faith, in private. I would meet with Him often, and He would show me how deep His love is for me. And in receipt of this love, I would have a greater understanding of His heart. When I grasp His great heart, I would look out before me and see others the way He sees them, and my heart would grow. I would see the gift/dream as not mine, but only a small tool He plans to use to show others how much He loves them. It’s not for me. It’s for Him. And when He discerns my “eager to love” heart—when I’m sitting patiently in his love as a free gift—the vine begins to grow.

As the vine grows, I turn to my people, my dream defenders—the ones I tell in secret. There are probably only a handful of these people in your life. When you tell them the dream, their eyes light up. They immediately believe with you. Your crazy, far-fetched, idealistic, completely insane, God-given dream makes perfect sense, because they know you. They’ve seen you humble yourself before God and prefer others. They know you hear from God, and they want to walk it out with you.

God dreams don’t die, even when you or others try to kill them. When someone deflates your God dream, you know it’s real. This is your sign. Get alone with God and receive His love. Worship Him. He will turn that “eating you from the inside out dream” into a vast Eden, created for others to graze on His eternal love.

He will turn that “eating you from the inside out dream” into a vast Eden, created for others to graze on His eternal love.

More About Kelli Sommers

I am thrilled to introduce you all to Kelli Sommers.  She is not only my sister-in-love but she is a great friend to me.  Kelli and her husband (my brother), Patrick, live north of Fort Worth with their four kids ranging from 1 to 7, needless to say they are busy.  Kelli is passionate about writing, her family, and is continually putting her heart before God for Him to transform.  She is a gift to me and my family. Kelli embodies peace.  I can walk into her home and instantly feel the peace of God there, even in the midst of a chaotic 3 year old birthday party.  She is currently writing a book called "Known" and you have access to reading it chapter by chapter on her blog, Go and show her and her book some love.  I am excited that Kelli is a regular contributor for us.