By Raven Dreibelbis

About a year ago, I sat with my Bible study group, gathered around my friend Sarah’s cozy little media room and I was hit with an overwhelming urge to JUST LEAVE.

We were several weeks into Jennie Allen’s Restless study and I’d loved every minute. One night a week, this small group of women got incredibly raw and honest about the season of life that we were living.

For me, that season was as a mom of two awesome preschool-age kids with a growing business and mounting concern for how to balance it all. But when I decided to join the study that Sarah was hosting, business was the farthest thing from my mind.

I was there to make some new friends and build a stronger relationship with the Lord.

I quickly learned that God works in our lives in exactly the way we need him to.

In my case, God was using this small group of women to transform me personally and professionally.

He was changing me in ways that would help me become a better mom, wife, friend, and (to my surprise) business leader. That last one was the last thing I expected from Bible study. In that moment, it even became a little scary (and almost sent me running for the door).

Here are a few of the ways that growing closer to God has made me better at business:

1.    Beating Imposter Syndrome. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s characterized by feeling unqualified, underprepared and altogether fraudulent, regardless of past successes that say otherwise. We even wrote a post on my business blog about it here.

As I’ve grown closer to God, I’ve accepted the incredible truth that He made me to be uniquely me. Living this truth means I can replace the false feelings of fraudulence with confidence to be the person He’s called me to be.

When I start to question my abilities or get ‘stuck’, the knowledge that God put me right here, in this place, with these skills, alongside these people, helps me to keep moving forward.

When I start to question my abilities or get ‘stuck’, the knowledge that God put me right here, in this place, with these skills, alongside these people, helps me to keep moving forward.

2.    Talking it out and facing fears. Spending time in prayer with the Lord is like a therapy session and a project management app all rolled into one.

It gives me an outlet to be truly honest about the things that make me nervous, stressed, or afraid. Getting those thoughts out into the open is so cleansing, and often, it helps me bridge the gap between endless procrastination and checking the “scary stuff” off my to-do list.

3.    Balancing business and motherhood. God made me a mom and I am endlessly grateful for my children. He also gave me the talent and drive to start a business.

I’m fond of the saying “nothing worth doing is ever easy.” While “doing” business and motherhood at the same time is definitely not easy, it is incredibly fulfilling.

Sometimes it means my kids and I miss play-dates with our neighborhood friends and many times it means grappling with the “mommy guilt” of not being by their side 24/7.

But I know I’m showing my kids that it’s okay to pursue their passions and that if you really want something, you can find a way to make it work.

We’re all learning that it’s okay to rely on family members, friends, babysitters – and sometimes (especially?) iPads.

I’m learning that God did not create us to sit still. We’re all designed with a unique purpose in mind. Seeking that purpose DOES NOT make me a bad mom.

That night last year, it all got real. God saw my heart and he spoke to me through that group of women. He spoke in a language that was most familiar to me at the time – the language of business – and in doing so drew me closer to him than ever before. For a minute, it was terrifying.

Luckily, I stayed put on Sarah’s couch that night and for several weeks after. And every week, God opened my eyes a little wider to all that he can do in our lives, if we just give him the chance. 

Meet Raven Dreibelbis

Raven is the founder and principal of Raven Creative, a creative services agency in Houston, TX. The agency works closely with businesses to develop and implement effective creative strategies, build meaningful audience connections, and drive growth.

Raven developed a love for storytelling at an early age and was often seen trailing behind her mom during errand running, her nose buried in the latest Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley Twins novel (a true child of the 90s). Thanks to superior peripheral vision (or pitying strangers), injuries were avoided almost entirely. At the University of Texas at Austin, Raven further realized her passion as a student in the Radio-Television-Film program. Her 15 seconds of fame finally came when she produced, directed and edited a mockumentary debunking the myth that throwing rice at weddings will kill birds.

Today, Raven puts her passion into practice for her clients, crafting fresh creative rooted in powerful narratives that support and clarify business goals.

Raven lives in Katy, TX with her husband Ryan, daughter Dylan and sweetly maniacal toddler son Haden.