Refresh Dream Planner

Written By: Charme Thongsavanh

Scripture Reading: Ruth 1:14-18

Mentorship is a beautiful gift from the Lord. One of my favorite verses, found in Titus 2, urges older women to train younger women in the ways of life and in loving the Lord. Life can be overwhelming at times and having wise counsel speak into different areas of our lives is like finding a rare and precious jewel!

One of the most beautiful stories of mentorship in the Bible is seen in the story of Naomi and Ruth. In Ruth 1, we meet three women who have experienced the depths of grief through the loss of their husbands. Naomi not only lost her husband, but her two sons as well. Though now left in a state of great sadness, she is not without hope. Hearing the famine is over in her homeland of Bethlehem, Naomi sets out on this great journey with her two daughters-in-law; however, it is only Ruth and Naomi who ultimately travel to Bethlehem.

Once they arrive, Naomi immediately became the major influence and mentor in Ruth’s life. This relationship grew organically as Naomi shared insight, wisdom, and knowledge through conversation, experience, and prayer. Wisdom was the first of many things she would impart. Naomi knew the people and connections Ruth needed in Bethlehem in order for the two women to survive. Naomi could not work because of her age, but she could introduce Ruth to the right people to get work. Naomi also coached Ruth on how to act and behave when she encountered Boaz, Naomi’s relative, who would ultimately become Ruth’s husband. Perhaps one of the greatest lessons Naomi would share is the way to walk forward after heartbreak. She exemplified trusting God in the midst of deep sorrow and pain. Through Naomi’s instruction and coaching, generations would be impacted. Naomi is a beautiful example to us of how to be a Titus 2 woman.

God desires each of us to learn from those women ahead of us in life, experiences, and spirituality. But it does not stop there. As we learn, we are called to lead and mentor others as well. As you make plans this month, ask the Lord to highlight women you can encourage through mentorship!


  1. List any women God shows you to mentor.

  2. What are some ways you can invite these women into your life (family dinners, grocery shopping, pool time)?