When the rains pour thick and the rivers overflow, floodwaters rise and fear sets in, no doubt-- your heart is overwhelmed. Maybe you throw your hands up wondering… “will I survive this? or will I drown?” Maybe you curse at God, or go on ignoring Him, becoming weaker and weaker as you continue in your own strength. 
Who has ever wished for a flood?  Yet we know they will come.
“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world." John 16:33
It’s been flooding. If there wasn’t water sloshing around in my own home, then the torrents were pouring down on those I love. Grief. Cancer. Pain. Anxiety. Prodigals. Stress. Fear. Mental Illness. When it rains, it pours, right?

When we are in the middle of a flood, we are past the point of using Scripture as a bandaid. 
We need Hope. 
Thank God for hope. It is found in the resurrection power of Jesus. He is the One who makes life spring out of dead things. He has already made us victorious, though we walk through this present suffering.
The resurrection was preceded by the crucifixion. One may even say that Hope is forged in the suffering, because everything that is not tethered to truth washes away, and we are left with God, and He does not forsake us. In our suffering, we are rescued, and Hope shines brightest.
Hope carries us through the seasons, and it is an anchor for our souls. 
Because of hope, there can be beauty and purpose in the flooding seasons of our lives.
Ancient Egyptian farmers anticipated the weather seasons and knew how each affected their livelihood. They depended on not only times of planting and harvest, but on the floods.
Their seasons were: Drought, Flooding, and Planting.
They had hope through each season, because the pattern had proved faithful. One season led to the next, and the people were prepared, and dependent on each one because they understood their purpose. Lord, give us wisdom.
Every single year, the floodwaters of the Nile River overflowed into surrounding farmland. Torrential rains in the south caused these floodwaters.
The heavy rain disrupted the nutritious bottom layer of silt that lay on the river floor. Violent floodwaters caused the silt to rise up and spread out, delivering vitality to the dry desert land surrounding the riverbanks. 
We are the Nile, a people directed by seasons and destiny. Though the floodwaters rise in our own lives, we can cling tightly to God’s promises of rescue. He has proved Himself faithful

Hope rises with the silt. 

Though it may be flooding, God is working in us and through us.

Hope is forged in our suffering, because our suffering causes our faces to rise up and look to Christ.

We too must know the times and seasons. Each has purpose, many have pain, but there is hope and rescue in them all.

The planting season is fun, exciting, and fruitful. You see the outward signs of the workings of other seasons. We are brave, bold, inspired. But our planting will only harvest to the extent that we have stewarded the droughts and floods.

But every season is not one for planting. There is other work to be done.

In a season of drought, roots plunge to deeper water sources. They learn the pathway of sustenance, and find their way to a well so deep it will never run dry, despite all circumstances.

In a season of flooding, the buried, settled, forgotten things (silt) rise to the surface. Flooding is a surrender season, not a fighting season. We learn to trust as it rains, and the Lord works on your behalf. Hope becomes the lighthouse through the storm. 

There is purpose in the flood, as the Lord is stirring up a deeper faith in you. Floods cleanse, purify, and they cause the buried things to rise. 

Lord, let it rain, and let me see You in the rain. 

Let hope rise up with all this silt, I can see the beauty, even though it’s raining.

Though the floodwaters rise in our own lives, we can cling tightly to God’s promises of rescue. He has proved Himself faithful. 

About Marianne Sloan

Marianne Sloan is passionate about Jesus, her family, and living simply, intentionally, and with great joy. She has found that there is no greater life fulfillment than following hard after the God who has created her, knows her by name, and who loves her. The wife to Luke, and mama to four, Marianne and her family live in beautiful Tennessee. She is a homeschool-mom, web-designer, and nature-lover. Spending her days raising and teaching her four littles keeps her hands full, but when she's not mothering, working or teaching, she loves to read, write, garden, and run. You can connect with Marianne on her BLOG {} and INSTAGRAM {@marianne_sloan}.