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A beautiful friend of mine on our Refresh worship team was recounting her recent trip to Worship U at Bethel Church in California. She was sharing how each female worship leader she sat under was so unique yet all were "so powerful." They each had a different way of presenting the subject they were entrusted to teach and each spoke with such security, conviction and passion that it made a lasting impression on her about the dynamic of the team. She also made mention how the other team members would encourage and affirm each other audibly when one would speak. As I listened to her retelling of the story, I saw an image of an army of warriors ready for battle. They were surrounding the General who was announcing their mission and marching orders. Each was given different orders according to their giftings, but they were all given the same mission. Each woman celebrated the strength of the other because they understood each strength was a benefit to the team's ability to accomplish their mission.  Then I heard these words: "there is no competition where there is the same mission."

Each was given different orders according to their giftings but they were all given the same mission.

It's interesting how the enemy's main form of attack when it comes to women working together is to bring jealousy, insecurity and discourse. He clearly knows where our weaknesses lie. Exposing that weakness and cutting it off at its source is key to dismantling the attack. At the root is the lie - you are not enough. You are not as _______ as she is. Fill in the blank with whatever area you struggle with and you have uncovered the problem. God is the ultimate General because He knows every last detail of the enemy's tactics. All we have to do instead is ask rather than react to his assault. I truly believe the thing the enemy fears most is fearless, united believers. May we be women who nurture, affirm, and call up our sisters to be even stronger, more powerful and fearless warriors than we ourselves are in order that we may say - mission accomplished.

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About Teresa Lickliter

Teresa and her husband, Jason, live in the DFW area and have four kids. Teresa is a wife, mom, and is the head teacher at Warrior Academy (where she homeschools her children). She also lives to "make all things pretty" whether it's through makeup, interior decorating or graphic design. She has a heart for worshipping the Lord and is on the worship team at her local church. Her passion is to see people come to a full understanding of their value and purpose in Christ.