Mount Everest

Mount Everest: it's the world’s tallest mountain and hardest climb; one that even the most experienced climber would love to conquer. I didn’t know much about the trek until I heard Alison Levine’s journey to her dream of conquering this mountain. Within her story, I discovered a nugget of truth that relates to any dream God has given us so stick with me as I first give some information on how to hike this mountain. I promise, it will make sense as we go. 

Mt. Everest elevation at the peak is 29,029 feet. To put this height in context, if a helicopter dropped you off at the top, you would die almost immediately due to such cold air at such a high altitude. It can dry out the lining of the lungs and cause them to crack. In order to climb this mountain, there are four camps along the way, with the last camp being the peak. You must start at the bottom and climb to Base Camp which is a 10-day hike to 17,000 feet. Here you stay for a few days, and then hike up to Camp 2. The interesting thing is upon arrival at Camp 2, you must go back to Base Camp to avoid altitude sickness. The hiker’s body must adjust slowly.

There are a few reasons people die on the hike up, but one of them is trying to bypass wisdom and just keep climbing. Without resting or going back to lower altitude for a few days to regroup and allow the body to adjust to the altitude, the human body begins to shut down. Heading back down to Base Camp for a few days allows one to regain the energy necessary to continue. The process continues as one reaches each consecutive camp. The climb is not straight forward. 

You must go backward in order to go forward. Alison made this statement on The Brian Buffini Show podcast, “Backing up is not the same as backing down.” Her comment stirred something deep inside me. I can relate to this as I too have a dream that God has placed within me which feels like my own personal Mt. Everest. Like Alison, I first had a drive to not only be an observer, watching others fulfill their purpose, I had to awaken my purpose!

God’s character is so loving and He has plans for us. If we believe they are good plans and not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11), then we must believe that going back is His provision and care for us and should not be confused with backing down. So whatever dream God has placed in your heart, believe that God is calling you by name and will go up with you; you will not fail or fall. More importantly, God is not asking you to go straight to the top of your mountain. Give yourself permission to go back to down to Base Camp without shame or frustration. Remember, Base Camp can be a great season!

On my journey, I had to understand that going backward was not the same as backing down. Have you ever felt like you were moving forward in your dream and then suddenly you feel as though you have taken a couple of steps back? This may discourage you because the setback may feel like you are backing down. We feel frustrated, discouraged, maybe even shameful that we did something wrong to deserve the setback. But can I encourage you today to find the silver lining of going back? Going back to Base Camp in your life can be a good thing. It is here we find rest from the journey, time to regroup, and the grace to refresh our mental and physical stamina; and create space for building character which is needed to reach another camp. 

On my journey, I had to understand that going backward was not the same as backing down.

Be confident, “He who is calling you is faithful and He will do it (I Thessalonians 4:24)." This scripture encourages us He is calling us up the mountain, He is faithful to help us up the mountain, and we can be confident that He will do it.

So if there is an Everest you are needing to climb, RISE UP! Stop observing the mountain and ask the Lord where to start. Be wise, go back to Base Camp and find what you need from the Lord to go higher. And remember, He can do extraordinary things in ordinary people, like me and YOU!

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Tricia Hix is passionate about people and the Lord. Having genuine living room conversation over snacks, coffee or dessert fills her cup. Her and her husband of 13 years reside in Dallas, TX, and have three growing children. She juggles many balls which includes part time homeschooling, Hospitality and Events at Gateway Church and has recently added Realtor.  Serving in Hospitality and Real Estate, for her, are an extension to showing God’s love and expanding His Kingdom. If she were Queen for a day, she would have all of her friends over for unlimited amounts of food (that won’t count as calories), good conversation and a time of open worship.