Song by Amanda Cook

Playlist Spotlight by Teresa Lickliter

I can’t listen to this song all the way through without crying at some point. Not really sure how I’m going to get through it at Refresh. Growing up I was always afraid of making mistakes. Even though my parents were as gracious as they knew to be, my little heart felt like I had failed. When friends at school would call out things about me they didn’t like or thought were not good enough, I felt it again. I couldn’t please everyone just being who I was. I never did anything terribly wrong but I felt like I did. I heard people around me judging others for being too ugly or too pretty - for being too passionate, for lacking passion - for being too free, or not being free. It never seemed to make sense to me what the goal was. It created a pattern in me; a pattern of picking on imperfection. Now, as a mother and wife, I judge myself; often times mercilessly. I can’t believe I said that. Why on earth did I do that? Why would I think that was okay? I am trying the best I can, but again, I don’t measure up.

But this song. This simple song is so beautifully written and composed. It plays back in my head all day. It’s a passionate reminder of the one with the right to judge us but who doesn’t. The one who could pick us apart but who picks us up when others do. Who could reject us for not hitting the mark but gently helps us aim again. The lines of this song are like oil of peace being poured out on my overly critical, overactive mind. My favorite line is “There will never be a day You’re uncertain of the ones You choose”. Oh my heart! Thank you, Daddy, for your mercy towards us. We can lift our heads and feel wholly enough.

There will never be a day You’re uncertain of the ones You choose



by Amanda Cook


My past embraced

My sin forgiven

I'm blameless in Your sight

My history rewritten


You delight in showing mercy

Mercy triumphs over judgment


Oh Love, great Love

Fear cannot be found in You

There will never be a day

You're uncertain of the ones You choose


You delight in mercy

Mercy triumphs over judgment


So I will wake

And spend days

Loving the One

Who raised me up

From death to life

From wrong to right

You're making all things beautiful

Teresa Lickliter is leading us again in worship at the Refresh Retreat in 2018.  She is sharing a few songs and how they have personally impacted her.  Stay tuned for more.

Check out our Refresh Retreat playlist from the Refresh 2016 Retreat in Houston. If you are on Spotify then follow the playlist here. Even if you are unable to go to the retreat then just use this as a great playlist.

We would love to hear from you. Is Mercy a new song for you or is it one of your favorites on repeat too? Do you have your own story of how this song spoke to you.  Please leave a comment sharing this with us.