The very first woman changed the existence of humanity forever.  Eve is discussed primarily for her big mess up, but if that’s where the conversation ends, we sell ourselves short. Part of Satan’s plan was to make her look powerless and pitiful. Why? So we wouldn’t understand that from the beginning of time, God has positioned women for power. Before Eve was created, God purposed her to be Adam’s helper and companion. This job may sound dull and unimportant, but in fact, all of God’s impeccable creation interviewed for this position and none were found suitable. Only a woman would do. 

Only a woman would do.

She was made for this powerful role and powerful she would be.  Perhaps the serpent was aware of this and chose to go after her knowing this was the way to Adam. Deception was his strategy. When he came to Eve he immediately began to question God. He hurled lies about who God was, what He wanted for her, and what would happen to her. In those moments before she ever took a bite, something shifted. She believed him. She stopped believing God. She agreed with the enemy and gave these lies power. Then, she took a bite. It’s interesting that the serpent never spoke a word to Adam directly. Did he know Eve could convince Adam so he let her do his dirty work? Without much resistance, she persuaded him to taste. One bite changed everything. The course of human history changed for all eternity by one woman. That is powerful!

Chapters later, we read of another woman who changed history. Sarah was barren but God promised a son and descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. Time marches on and Sarah was still not pregnant. There was no serpent this time but I imagine the same assault playing out in her mind. She wondered if God meant what He said. Why hasn’t it happened yet? She believed the lie that the promise would not come, at least not through her. She stopped believing God and agreed with the lie.  Sarah then conceived a plan for Abraham to sleep with her maidservant so she could have a child through her.  Abraham agreed and with that, history was set in motion.

Her plan did birth a son named Ishmael, but he wasn’t the promised one. Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah in their old age just as God said. Both sons would become great nations, but God made His covenant with Isaac and from his blood line would come Jesus. God would also bless Ishmael, but he would live in hostility with his relatives. Through Ishmael came a religion in direct opposition to God and His chosen people. This hostility is still playing out in our world today. One woman’s legacy is still seen hundreds of years later. That is powerful!

In the New Testament, we see yet another woman named Mary who also received a promise. This very young, engaged virgin would give birth to the Son of God! Her response to this most impossible promise was, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you’ve said about me come true.” Something shifted. She believed him. She agreed with God, and gave birth to the Savior of the world. It happened just as He said it would. All eternity changed yet again through one woman. That is powerful!

Women have God-given power, but how we use it is part of our free will. Whether we realize or not, we are exercising it for good or evil. We wield this power with the things we say, the choices we make, but most often, by what we believe. What do you truly, wholeheartedly believe about God and who you are? Do you believe He will do what He says? If God’s daughters refuse the lies of the enemy, and start believing the truth about who God says we are and who He is, this world would be rocked to its core. History proves we are game changers and eternity makers. Only you are suited for the powerful position of wife, momma, sister, daughter, coworker, and/or friend. In your family, with friends, in your workplace and church, no one else can do what God has empowered you to do. What will He birth through you as you boldly proclaim, “May everything you have said about me come true!”? Women of God, you can change the world. That is powerful!


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Jenny and her husband, Brad, have two boys and live in Texas. She is physically teeny tiny but don't let her size fool you. She is a fireball. When she opens her mouth encouragement and an authority from Heaven flow out. She has a heart for missions and the people of the world, especially Nepal. Jenny is a passionate person who loves family, kids and Jesus!

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