I was contemplating the cross the other day, thinking surely there had to have been an easier way to save the world (I know, God is so gracious with our nonsense, isn’t He?) when the question of why God the Father Himself did not go to the cross instead of Jesus, popped in my head. After agreeing with the thought for a moment, He broke into my internal dialog with a question. “Teresa, would you die for your child?” Without a second’s hesitation I answered, “Of course!” He then asked, “Would you allow your child to die for someone else?” The question hit me like a 2x4 to the face. The humility of my humanity became all too evident as my answer was an undeniable never. “So then,” He replied, “there was no other way I could have proven the weight of my love for you.” 

God risked it all on the chance that we might love Him in return. We killed His son.

I sat stunned and sobered. That’s crazy. That’s insane. That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not even comprehensible. Dare I say, that’s reckless. God risked it all on the chance that we might love Him in return. We killed His son. Think about that for a second. The God who created everything watched as His beloved son was beaten and tortured beyond recognition. He endured what no parent on earth would even be able to stand the thought of. He was God - He could have called the whole thing off and obliterated every last one of us, but He loved us more. Jesus could have saved Himself with just a word, but He too loved us more. God doesn’t make any sense and it is the most glorious thing ever.

The enemy wants nothing more than to lie to us about our value and about God’s love for us. When you look at the reality of the cross, those two things could not be more apparent. Your value is beyond comprehension to God (yes, I know nothing is really beyond His comprehension) and His love is beyond comprehension to us. Don’t ever let the enemy lie to you about that. Just remind him that he is deflated and defeated. The cross took care of any ability your enemy has to condemn you and devalue you. Just as the song so beautifully states, “I couldn’t earn it and I don’t deserve it.” It’s not about us, it’s all about Him. He chose us. He gave everything for us. What more do we need to know?

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About Teresa Lickliter

Teresa and her husband, Jason, live in the DFW area with their four children, Cannon, Kylie, Arrow and Blaze. She loves all things creative and expresses that through writing, interior decorating, makeup artistry and graphic design. She has a heart for worshipping the Lord and is on the worship team at her local church. Her passion is to see people come to a full understanding of their value and purpose in Christ.