“I think our greatest shortcoming is not feeling good enough about what God has done right. When we under-celebrate, we fall short of the glory of God."

This simple quote by Mark Batterson has done nothing short of wreck my life as I have processed its entirety. Friends, join me for a bit as we look into the goodness in your life right now. The things that put breathe in your soul. The encouragement you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Are you taking time to celebrate those things for yourself and those around you? I pray this little post opens your eyes to God’s heart for celebrating you, sweet daughter.

One of the joys of getting to host for people you don’t know is seeing that celebration is a universal language.

My full-time job is celebrating people. I own a catering business and small event venue where we host multiple gatherings on a weekly basis. Weddings, showers, dinner parties, and birthdays – you name it! One of the joys of getting to host for people you don’t know is seeing that celebration is a universal language. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to get together and enjoy sweet company and tasty food?! But I think we sometimes get a little turned around in what it should look like. We get consumed with the florals, what dress to wear, or getting the perfect picture for Instagram. Is there anything wrong with those things? Absolutely not! But, friends, I don’t believe these things are the heart behind celebration.

What is at the heart of celebration? People. We typically are not going to celebrate an in-animate object. We are celebrating promotions, reunions, and sometimes just family and friends. So, my little challenge for you today (yay!) is to get back to the heart of it. Take off the extra fluff. Don’t worry about being perfect. I challenge you to show up for your mom. Your roommate. Your husband. Your friends. Or yourself.

So, what does that look like? Here are a couple of ways I believe you can start celebrating right at this very moment…

  • Show up. I think we make celebrating way too hard about 98% of the time. Grand gestures are wonderful and there is a time for them! But don’t forget the significance of simply showing up on someone’s doorstep for a quick hug or a handwritten letter of congratulations.
  • Pick one thing and do it en masse. I read this in a book about entertaining, and think it is the easiest way to absolutely wow people. Bring someone 25 yellow balloons. Cover their room in encouraging words on sticky notes. String a hundred twinkle lights in the backyard. The options are endless and more often than not cost next to nothing!
  • Don’t be afraid to linger. This goes against every manner you have ever heard. Whoops! But sometimes this is just what our heart needs. A little more encouragement. A little more laughter. A little more time with people you love. And don’t worry, everything else will still be there when you’re done.
  • Keep a celebration stock on hand. Beautiful notecards for a word of affirmation. A candle to take the new neighbor. A rose bush in the front yard for a quick and easy pick me up. My personal favorite is to keep a loaf of poppy seed cake in the freezer. Let it thaw, throw a ribbon around it, and deliver to the friend that needs a little extra love.
  • Don’t forget about yourself. Put that lipstick on that makes you feel extra pretty. Listen to the album you can’t help but dance to. Give yourself a solid hour of uninterrupted detox time.

Friends, may we never under appreciate what God is doing in our life and the lives of those around us. I think a really good place to start is celebrating you. Right now. What is God working in your life? My prayer for you is that He would overwhelm you with sight of His sweet blessings for His girl. May you feel seen, known, and loved today and every day as we learn the art of celebration.


About Katie Willis

Katie is the co-owner of At The Table, a ministry seeking to highlight the power of breaking bread together. When she is not cooking or hosting an event, you will find her jogging, gardening, scouring cookbooks, or going on some sort of outdoor adventure. Her heart is fueled by sweet time with Jesus, her so very treasured friends, and a healthy heaping of good, black coffee. Take a peek at her website at www.atthetabletx.com.