The Tenth Leper

In just a few days, we will be celebrating one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about Thanksgiving! I love all the colors, the smells, the décor…the whole season gives me all the feels. But I truly do love the attitude behind the holiday the best. It is the season to be thankful and to express that thankfulness to the ones we love. But as I reflect on that attitude in this fall season, I am reminded to ask myself, is this the attitude I carry the whole year through? Is this the attitude I take into my quiet time? Am I a true reflection of the thankfulness I carry in my heart for Jesus for what He has done for me? Am I thankful regardless of my circumstance? Is my faith a reflection of my thankfulness?

In Luke 17: 11-19, we read the story of the ten lepers. Ten men who yelled out to Jesus and begged Him to heal them. Ten men who obediently followed His commands and ran to show themselves to the priest. Ten men who were healed along the way. But then there was only one. Only ONE man turned around after he realized the miracle happened and came back. Only one man, put his newly restored life on hold to go back to his Healer and thank Him. He could have kept running like the others. I mean, he had to get to the priest! There was a whole long process to go through to be proven “clean”. He would have wanted, like the others, to get that done quickly so he could return. Return to a real life. Return to his family. Hug his wife, touch his kids. But he didn’t. He stopped, not fixated on himself, and returned to his Healer. Before the priest could declare him “clean”, he went back to The One who made him clean. Verse 15 and 16 tells us that the man, “came back praising God in a loud voice” and then “threw himself at Jesus feet and thanked Him”. This grateful man, a Samaritan mind you, in all his joyful celebration, made thanking Jesus his highest priority.  

Being thankful to God needs to be an overflow from our hearts for all He has done for us.

And we must make it our priority as well. We are commanded throughout scripture to be thankful. But it cannot be just a command we follow. Being thankful to God needs to be an overflow from our hearts for all He has done for us. Thankfulness should pour out of us on a daily basis…in all that we do…in every situation. It is telling the checkout attendant “Thank you” for bagging your groceries. It is reminding our kids how thankful we are they (finally) cleaned up the Legos. It is sending a note to a friend telling them just how much their friendship truly means to you. It is thanking the worship team at your church for the hours they put in every weekend to help you encounter your Savior.

The next few days leading up to Thanksgiving will be busy to say the least. There are groceries to be bought. Bathrooms and guest bedrooms will need to be cleaned. There are onions to chop and pies to bake. Tablescapes and front porches will require pumpkins and mums. But in the end, there is a Father to be worshipped. There is a Savior who deserves our praise. There is a Spirit to be invited into our feast. The entire Thanksgiving holiday can be such a bustle that we can easily let our thanks be forgotten. But like the tenth leper may we not be too preoccupied with ourselves to acknowledge The One worthy of all our praise. May we, too, stop and return to Jesus. May our gratefulness spill over onto our Savior as loud and as genuinely as the leper’s did.


About Meredith Moore

Meredith Moore is a native to the North Dallas area and a proud Texan. She and her husband, Brad, just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and their twin’s 9th birthday. Meredith is passionate about homeschooling Kathryn and Garrett, spending time with friends and family, leading a small group at church, and traveling as much as possible. She lives her life authentically and full of joy. She is looking forward to 2018 where she will help lead and develop Refresh Living Rooms.