If you have been a part of the Refresh community but find yourself scratching your head wondering why it exists, you are in the right place. I pray that this video blog not only informs you, but connects you more deeply to our community. There is a place for you sweet friend, so join us on the journey of adventuring with God.

Whether you are a woman of God wondering exactly what His plans are for you, or deep in the trenches of walking out His assignments, Refresh exists to create intentional opportunities for connection to the Lord with the desire to awaken dreams and activate purpose. Whether you feel you are sitting on the sidelines or running out of breath in the race, we want to create opportunities to connect you to the Father that allow Him to re-energize, invigorate, enliven, stimulate, wake up and revive the things He has placed in you for His eternal purposes. 

We exist to activate women around the world to advance the Kingdom of God.

I am always reminded of the parable of the talents when I think about our purpose as a community. As you may remember in this parable, the master allots talents to three men giving each a different quantity. The two men who multiplied what was given where affirmed by the master by saying, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities.” But to the one who chose to simply burry what he was given, he was harshly rebuked and his allotment taken from him and given to the one who risked the most. 

Sometimes the most comfortable thing to do with the gifts, abilities, words and resources the Lord has placed in our hands is to keep them hidden. The challenge comes when we are asked to take risk and put ourselves out there for the sake of building His kingdom. The master was pleased, not by the two men’s abilities, but by their faithfulness to take what they had been given and multiply it. 

My prayer is that you would read this blog and watch this video and be encouraged to multiply what you have been given. Join this community of women from around the world cheering each other on to be used by God and let purpose be activated.


About Sarah Birkbeck

Sarah Birkbeck is the founder of Refresh. She and her husband James have three kids and live in McKinney, Texas. Her passion to see women actively walking out their God dreams lead her to start Refresh in her home in 2012. When she isn’t working on the Refresh vision, you can find her in car line, at coffee with someone inspiring, traveling the world or curled up on the couch with coffee…and cake.