By Sarah Birkbeck

Have you ever had those moments with God where He takes you through a season of time when you feel that you are in a tornado of His presence?  There is great clarity, vision and direction. You see Him in everything, you hear Him everywhere, you sense His presence all around.  He is showing you things, teaching you truths and instructing your next moves.  You feel as though you may explode if you don’t release what He is revealing to you. You feel as bold as a lion and ready for the dream to come to life. Then… the dust settles, His voice quiets, the roaring of your spirit calms and you are left looking back thinking, did He really say that? Did He really mean that? How is this ever going to come to pass in my life?

Maybe Refresh Houston was that time for you. Maybe, like me, you left Refresh roaring like a lion on that mountain top and now you find yourself feeling more like a tiny kitty who would prefer curling up on the couch for the next several weeks (or months, if I am being real).  Wherever you may be in your season, I can assure you that what the Lord has set in motion, what the Lord spoke into your spirit or is currently speaking is alive.  I want to speak to the doubt that so easily creeps in and say, Yes, He did speak, Yes, He did lead you to that idea, Yes, He is working it out in you even when you don’t feel that way. 

 “…God who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.” Romans 4:17

So what now? How do I move forward if all of those thoughts and visions are too far to see clearly, to far to feel confident in them? Where do I go from here?

Simply keep going. Press in and press on.

The truth is, we do not live by the spirit on accident, we live by the spirit with intention.

He is working even when we can't see it, working even when we can't feel it.  He is God and He is in control. As long as we stay surrendered to Him, to His Will, we will meet up with that season of great clarity again real soon.  The truth is, we do not live by the spirit on accident, we live by the spirit with intention.  I do not want to trade a life of intention for a life of mere busyness.  Let us be a group of women who run forward in great strength, purpose and intention even on the foggy days when we may not be able to see the road ahead.  Let us be women who can simply keep going, keep running until the fog clears and the Lord restores our vision again.  Sometimes all we need to do is take the next step… keep going. 

A true test of our faith, a true test of our obedience to Him is to say YES even when it doesn't feel good.  To say YES when it isn't the popular thing to do at this very moment. To say YES when no one else around you seems to be saying the same thing.

What will our response be to His callings when the dust settles?

"No unbelief or distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave PRAISE and GLORY to GOD." Romans 4:20

Give the Lord your highest praise today.  Worship the one who set this world in motion and run into a life of great intention knowing that with every day that we keep moving He is working, shaping and molding our hearts to be more like His. 

Stay encouraged today ladies, He has a plan, purpose and destiny for each and every one of you.  Some days are filled with dirty diapers, dishes and cranky people but when we can keep our heart surrendered to the dream giver, He will never disappoint. It is not about what we see; it is about what He sees.  So connect your heart to His today, press in and press on to a life of great adventure. 


Meet Sarah Birkbeck

Here we go with the first official post, I am so excited.  You most likely know Sarah Birkbeck. If you don't know her personally, then you are probably only one person removed from knowing her.  She is the founder of Refresh, wife to James, mom to three, and one of my favorite people on this Earth.  Sarah is a blast to be around, can make someone feel loved in an instant, and has a way of making you feel right at home the minute you step into her house. She makes anything look good and is a treasured friend.  I asked her to write to us about life after Refresh Houston. I am praying the Lord meets you through her word. - Jamie