It began in the garden with woman at the center. Not the fall, but what happened very soon after when God confronted the serpent for deceiving Eve. God said to him, “I will put animosity between you and woman - between your seed and her seed. He will crush your head, and you will crush his heel.”(Genesis 3:15) Other versions say He put hostility or enmity between them, and the Message says He declared war between them. Definitions of these words include hatred, conflict, attacks, aggression, resistance, overt acts of warfare and war. This is the first mention of battle I find in scripture. This is where it started: Satan on one side and woman on the other. The serpent probably thought this rivalry would be woman’s demise, but it would ultimately bring about his. This beginning, as menacing as it sounds, was setting redemption in motion.  

He strategically called her out as a warrior; confirming her strength, value and identity.

Woman lost round one with the serpent and tasted defeat. She was most likely overwhelmed by feelings she had never known. Fear, failure, shame and weakness assaulted who she was. It was in these moments God did something unexpected. He strategically called her out as a warrior; confirming her strength, value and identity. God already knew His plan for her. It was a plan for her good, not for disaster, to give her a future and hope. This was a plan to defeat the enemy while restoring woman to who He had created her to be. This plan is revealed in His very next words. God declares the victory by saying that her seed would crush the enemy. This win would not be accomplished in her own strength but through the One who was to come. Through woman, sin entered and through woman, Jesus entered to destroy its power.  The Messiah, the Son of God, conquered sin on the cross. After Christ rose from the dead He first appeared to a woman. It was a woman who first saw His face and told the good news. This is intentional, thoughtful, purposeful, loving, powerful, and beautiful restoration.

I believe God is once again calling His women out as warriors. The enemy is still waging this war against women, but now our Savior has given us the power to fight back. While the enemy is still out to steal peace, kill joy and destroy identities, he is a defeated foe. With the full armor of God, we will stand strong. Our weapons of warfare are mighty in God and we won’t be afraid to use them. Shaking off the ashes of the past, we will no longer be victims but victors. Be strong and courageous; your Beloved has already won your war. 


About Jenny Swearingen

Jenny and her husband, Brad, have two boys and live in Texas. She is physically teeny tiny but don't let her size fool you. She is a fireball. When she opens her mouth encouragement and an authority from Heaven flow out. She has a heart for missions and the people of the world, especially Nepal. Jenny is a passionate person who loves family, kids and Jesus!