You know the moment. It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. The sun is spilling through the windows, the thoughts of what’s for dinner on the brain, and a pile of mail is sprawled across the counter. Its usual contents include a few bills and an advertisement, but then you see it: a crisp, white envelope peeking out of the pile with none other than your name written on it. Someone wrote to you. Someone thought of you.

We live in a time where information is at our fingertips and relationships are whittled down to text messages and Instagram Stories. Modern technology has made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping intentions and affection out of reach. This is a sad reality for me to grasp when my heart longs to communicate and show love in tangible ways. One of the ways I enjoy keeping up with friends and family is a good ol’ handwritten letter. 

A handwritten letter is often considered a thing of the past. I get it, the process can be cumbersome. It takes time, a small amount of money, and a kind thought. None of those come easy in our fast paced culture. But I think that’s the beauty of it. 


My favorite place to snag cute stationery, be it a stationery set or stand-alone card, is the Target dollar spot. They often carry seasonal designs with blank interiors, perfect for your handwriting to fill. Another great place to look is Trader Joe’s. Tucked back by the flowers is a small corner of boutique cards for every occasion. Best part, they are $0.99. Makes you want to send one right now, doesn’t it?



For exactly $0.50, your sweet thoughts toward another can travel the world and arrive within 3-7 business days. That’s pretty incredible. The United States Post Office makes some pretty cute designs too, like the Love Flourishes or Celebration BoutonniereYou can buy stamps physically at your local post office, bank, gas station, CVS, Walmart and even Amazon. And thanks to Prime, they’ll arrive at your doorstep in 2 days.


Perhaps the least expensive, yet most valuable part of this whole experience is what the letter actually says. Maybe it’s a “thank you” for a kind gesture or a simple “thinking of you”. Or perhaps it’s an encouraging word over a difficult season. Nothing says, “You are important. You are worth my time. You are on my heart and in my thoughts.” like handwritten words on paper.

It’s amazing to think that almost half of The Bible, our sacred, Holy Spirit breathed words, were penned by authors writing to a particular church or people group. God used handwritten letters, inspired by Himself, to minister to not only the addressee but generations since. 

What I want to be known for is loving the Lord and people well. One way I can do that is through handwritten letters. These small notes of encouragement can provide that special moment when they get their mail: Someone wrote to me. Someone thought of me.

But when you put your thoughts about someone to paper, they become eternal.

Here’s the thing, it’s easier to text and quicker to comment on Instagram. But when you put your thoughts about someone to paper, they become eternal. My encouragement for you today is to grab a cute card, purchase a stamp, and write someone a handwritten letter.

“To write is human, to receive a letter: divine!”  ― Susan Lendroth


About Taylor Angulo

Taylor is a Minnesota native relocated to North Dallas. A few of her favorite titles are wife, mom, sister and friend. She and her husband Jonathan have two daughters, Lennon and Mayer (musical references intended). She is a graphic designer by trade but spends most of her days running to Target and kindergarten pick-up with an iced coffee in hand. She’s working on being brave and stepping into the fullness of life as a child of God.