God is raising an army of women worldwide who will stand united and will advance His Kingdom.


For far too long the enemy has tried to suppress women in every nation – making them feel worthless, insecure, inferior and unworthy. But God has a unique plan, gifting and purpose for each woman warrior on the face of this world! Our heart is to see women realize this great potential residing in each one of them and to give them the encouragement to step out and make a difference in the world instead of hiding in the shadows of  insecurities. 

Refresh the Nations was established with the desire to equip and mobilize women around the world to rise up and take back what is rightfully theirs; to take back their dreams, their marriages, their families, their cities and ultimately their nations for the Lord.

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Refresh Balkans 2018


In 2017, a multinational team from Refresh hosted a leaders conference in the city of Osijek, Croatia followed by afternoon and evening meetings in population centers in Croatia and neighboring Serbia. On the final night of the conference in Osijek, the hall was packed with some 300+ leaders and emergent leaders from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Germany and Hungary, all passionate for more of God. The Word of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit impacted lives and encouraged leaders to hope and expect for more, and to step out to do ‘even greater’ things for the sake of the Kingdom.

Heartbreak, devastation, hurt, broken families and bitterness were evident through many towns in what was once a conflict zone in Croatia and today churches are closing and young people are immigrating to escape a declining economy and war-torn landscape.

Because of the success of the 2017 conference and the impact that the side meetings were on the local church, a second Refresh team are heading to Serbia in May to host a leaders Retreat which is set to draw some 50+ leaders from Serbia and the surrounding countries. This three day fully sponsored conference and time of refreshing will again be followed by ministry to Serbian, Croatian and Hungarian speaking believers in combined church, city hall meetings.



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