You have questions, we have answers

Below you will find some common questions and answers regarding Refresh Living Rooms. Not every Living Room will look the same and not every Living Room by the same person will be the same. The Lord will do a new and unique thing each time you create the space for Him to work. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or need further feedback.

Can I lead more than one Living Room?

Yes! The Refresh Living Room has been designed ideally as a quarterly gathering. However, that is not to deter you from opening your home more frequently or to host only one Living Room event. The heart of Refresh is to launch you into all that the Lord is calling you to do and to come alongside you in support. The Refresh Living Room may be the avenue for you to initially gather your friends and then hear from the Lord as to each of your callings regarding your own areas to bring Jesus.  

If I want to lead another Living Room do I need to do the Leader's Guide again? 

We would encourage you to work through the Living Room Leader's Guide again with each gathering. We strongly believe the Lord will have a different message for each Living Room and the Leader's Guide will connect your heart to His to hear that message. Of course, you will not need to purchase your guide again, but be sure to reference the resources webpage for new updates.

How is the Refresh Living Room different from a typical weekly Bible study? 

The Living Room event is structured to take you deeper than is typically available during a weekly Bible study. It is meant to allow additional time for extended worship, shared communion, and/or deeper sharing. Refresh as a whole is simply an addition to your local church and your involvement there should be the utmost priority.  

Does it have to be in my home? 

No, not at all. We encourage you to partner together with others. If you have a friend who wants to open their home...AWESOME! Go for it!!

Do I have to lead it alone? 

No, part of the process will be praying about who you would want to be involved with you to execute the gathering. Maybe that means asking a friend to share her testimony or another friend to lead worship for you. We encourage this and the Holy Spirit will bring the right people to your mind. With that said, don’t forget that you hold the reigns and will drive the evening. They are simply there to help lead under your guidance.  

How many do I invite?

Keeping the groups around 12 (no more than 15) would be beneficial. The smaller the group, the easier it will be to create a safe place for deeper sharing, ministering, and encouraging.

What if only a few people decide to come?

Perfect, not big deal. The smaller the group, the more intimate it can be. The very first Living Room only had a handful of guests!

Who do I invite?

As a part of the Leader's Guide, you will take a week to pray for the Holy Spirit to highlight people for you to invite. As they come to your mind and you make a list, before you know it, your guest list will be complete.  

Is this a public or private event?

This is a private event, but by no means, is it exclusive. This is a time to gather intentionally with a group of women you feel are a fit for your time together and can join you on the journey. If you lead more than one Living Room you may end up with a totally different group of women.

From past experience, what is the hardest or most challenging part of leading a Refresh Living Room? 

Answers may vary from leader to leader, but one of the hardest parts can be breaking the ice and setting the tone of the night. It can also be hard to step out in a leadership position and hope everyone is willing to follow. Leading up to the event, it might be difficult combating thoughts of doubt and fear, but it is ALWAYS worth the fight. Each former leader would testify how the Lord sweetly showed up and took care of all the small details and concerns.

Needless to say, you can love people without leading them, but you cannot lead people without loving them.
— John Maxwell