the Living Room & Living Room Leader

The Living Room is where Refresh was birthed and part of the core of who we are. The heartbeat of Refresh is cultivating deeper relationships. The Refresh Living Room is about taking the time to allow the Lord to fuel your God-given passions and desires to further His Kingdom. It will be a living room full of women after the heart of God, encouraging one another on the journey. We will dream together, laugh together, encourage one another and grow deeper in relationship with our Creator. Because we are simply better together! 

The Refresh Living Room is a unique opportunity for you to open your heart and home and deeply connect with the Lord. Through the Living Room Leadership Guide, you will cultivate your own reliance on the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your plans for the evening. The Living Room turns your home into an intimate setting to seek the Lord, to be encouraged, and to hear His heart for His daughters. It is your chance to bless your friends with an evening dedicated solely to the Lord and to inspire them to dream and embrace God’s call on their lives.

The Living Room turns your home into an intimate setting to seek the Lord, to be encouraged, and to hear His heart for His daughters.


Are you (yes, you) interested in being a Living Room Leader?

Our six week Refresh Living Room Leader's Guide will walk each woman through the process of preparing your heart and home for your own Living Room night. The guide activates the Living Room leader into spirit-led leadership. The process of the guide is to equip each leader practically as well as spiritually for hosting their own Refresh Living Room. Simply put: all you need is a heart for the Lord, a love for your friends, and a commitment to the Living Room leader process.

Living Room Leader Process

  • Pray: Ask the Lord if this is His assignment for you. 
  • Apply Online: Apply here. This application process is more for you than anyone else. It is designed to help you search your heart and determine if this is a fit for you. 
  • Purchase Leader's Guide: The Refresh Living Room Leader’s Guide can be purchased in our shop
  • Receive a call from a Refresh Leader: Refresh is here to connect with you and cheer you on through your journey. 
  • Start the Guide: Begin working through your guide six weeks before your event date. Your heart will go on a journey with the Lord during this process, so don’t rush! 
  • Host your Refresh Living Room: Host a beautiful gathering and enjoy watching your vision unfold.

We want to hear from you with any questions about Refresh Living Rooms. Please visit our Living Room FAQ page.