Everything you may need to lead a Refresh Living Room

We are so excited you are stepping out to grow in Spirit-led leadership. Our heart is that the Living Room Guide equips you not only to host an event, but more so to co-lead with the Father, an intentional night for the women who attend. Below you will find resources to make this process as easy as possible.  


Living Room introduction Video

Our founder, Sarah Birkbeck, has made a video to play at the beginning of your Refresh Living Room. The intention is to give an overall vision for the night and to explain the heart of Refresh. This video will help you break the ice and take any pressure off of yourself trying to explain "Refresh" to your guests! It will connect you and your guests to Refresh as a ministry and a community.


It is important to make each of your guests feel loved and included from the very first moment they hear about your event. There is always a place for each guest within Refresh. You are welcome to send any invitations you prefer: simple email, paperless post, or a printed invitation. You may also purchase below a beautifully designed invitation you simply download, edit, and print from home. All we ask with any invitation is you give every attendee the opportunity to learn more about Refresh by including our website { www.refresh-women.com } and have each attendee additionally RSVP using the url { www.refresh-women.com/rsvp }. We want to connect with each attendee and include them in this community. We treat all this information with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Below you will find sample wording and the link to purchase our pre-designed invitation.

Ice Breaker Questions

Because you might invite guests from different circles of your life, ice-breaker questions will help initiate casual and meaningful conversation. The following questions would be best used during a meal (have questions printed and placed at the table with each person’s name) or before you get started for the evening during your time for fellowship. These are simply samples to help you. Feel free to be creative and think of your own great questions! You can also purchase pretty downloadable question cards in our shop below.

Reflection/Journaling & Discussion Questions

The ministry of Refresh is to help each woman grow deeper in relationship with others and the Lord. The following questions will help cultivate deeper thoughts and heart searches important for this growth. They would be best used as either pre-gathering reflection questions to be sent in an email beforehand, journaling questions at the Living Room, or as questions to discuss during your time together. These are samples to help spark your own creativity. However, for your convenience and to add beauty to every detail, we have done the work for you. All questions in print-and-cut form are available for download using the link below.

Sample Ideas & Schedules

Understanding the core values laid out in the Living Room Leadership Guide, your Living Room event will be as unique as you. You are encouraged to make it all your own. Consider different times of the day: brunch, early evening, or late-night gathering. Let God lead you where your gifts and personality shine! If you love cooking, have a full breakfast or dinner for your friends. If that overwhelms you, make it easy and serve coffee or punch only. Another idea would be to ask that incredible baker friend of yours to bring a dessert. Have a photography friend? Ask them to capture the night for you. Remember, the heart of Refresh is to gather together to encourage each other and build community, not to strive for perfection and have the most elaborate event.  

Sample Guest Emails

The purpose of these emails is to give you direction and inspiration on what to send your guests prior to your gathering. This email is to help your attendee understand what Refresh is and what they can expect in coming to your Living Room. This email can also be used to include a charge, reflection questions or scriptures you want your attendees to work through before they arrive. Feel free to simply copy the below text or use your own creative wording.

Living Room Worship Playlist Sample

Refresh has several playlists available via Spotify, one of which, is specifically designed for a Living Room gathering. However, please feel free to make your own list asking the Lord to lead your heart in selecting songs. You can always borrow ours or do a mixture of both. We suggest that once you have your songs selected, play them over and over in your own home before your Living Room gathering.

LivinG Room Gift Ideas

Why gifts? Refresh believes in always pointing each other back to the Father. As 1 John reminds us, "how lavishly the Lord loves us that He calls us His children!" Sending a small, meaningful token home after the evening allows you to love on your attendees as well as serving to remind them they are dearly loved daughters of the King. Some ideas and gifts given at previous Living Rooms include: coffee mugs, fuzzy socks, scripture card, candle, a meaningful book or Bible translation, notepad, stationery; the possibilities are endless! You can be as creative as your budget allows buying or making your gifts. Below you will find a beautiful downloadable scripture card-easy to print and give to your guests.

Only you can reflect the aspect of God’s glory that He designed in you to reflect. We are all created with a unique purpose and destiny!
— Cynthia Heaton