SAMPLE email/Evite/Paperless Post INVITATION

Hi Friend,

I am excited to invite you to my home for a Refresh Living Room. Simply, it will be a very intimate, intentional evening of friends gathered together to go deeper in relationship with each other and most importantly, the Lord. 

I am looking forward to welcoming you into my home... ((INSERT A PERSONAL MESSAGE HERE FROM YOUR HEART ABOUT THE EVENING OR SOMETHING YOU WANT THEM TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR REFRESH)). If you are curious to know more about Refresh check out the website, 


Please RSVP by ((DATE HERE)) at

“...the times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” Acts 3:19

Looking forward to a purposeful time together,
(your name here)


  • What are your top three favorite books?
  • Are you more like your mom or dad, and why?
  • What were you like as a little girl?
  • When was a time you saw the Lord answer your prayers?
  • What makes you happy and what drives you crazy?
  • If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
  • What is your most embarrassing moment?
  • When do you feel closest to God?
  • What is your favorite characteristic about yourself? 
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • List three things on your Bucket List.
  • If you won the lottery, what are the first things you would do?
  • What is your favorite way to relax?
  • If you could have dinner with any three people, past or present, who would they be?
  • If you could pick one superhero power, what would it be?
  • If you could choose a new name for yourself, what would it be?
  • If you could trade places with someone you know, who would it be and why?


  • Ask honestly of the Lord: What is your heart for me, Jesus?
  • What are some excuses you have spoken to yourself about your dreams?
  • What is your current condition? Are you thriving, or do you seem to be working, but not reaping?
  • Will you allow yourself to surrender your plans for God’s plans?
  • What are you seeking with all of your heart? Take an honest look at your life, what do you spend the most time thinking about or doing?
  • Take 3-5 minutes to list out your greatest fears. Write everything that comes to your mind over a few minutes and I mean everything!
  • Read through your list of fears, then close your eyes for a moment and picture what life would be like without those fears.  What type of things do you think you would do?  
  • Do you think any of the fears you wrote hold you back from something the Lord may have for you?   


  • What does seeking the Lord look like for you?
  • Taking an honest look at your life, what do you spend the most time thinking about or doing?
  • What is one wild, crazy, what-am-I-thinking dream you have? Dig deep for the dreams you have placed on the ‘shelf’ or put down simply because you thought they were just too crazy to be reality.
  • Are you content with life as it is or are you longing for change?  
  • If you put all fears aside, how would your life be different today?
  • What things complicate or hinder you from defining your identity as a daughter of the King?
  • In this current season, how can you be more present emotionally, physically, and spiritually?
  • What was the best compliment you have ever received? Did you believe it or were you tempted to deflect?
  • When you drift off and let your mind wander, where do your thoughts take you? Happiness, joyfulness, gratitude, worry, anxiety, fear? What does the Lord want to say in your wanderings?
  • How do you fulfill your passion(s) in your everyday life and connect them with God’s kingdom work?
  • How have you allowed the Lord mold and shape you over the past few years? What do you need to let go of today to allow Him to grow you in the future?
  • We are called to run our race with endurance. How is your endurance level? Are you energetic, in the beginning stages of the race? Or are you weary and need strength to endure the laps ahead?
  • How has God captured your heart and how has this changed you?
  • What brings you joy? What is the source of your joy? How do you share this joy with those around you?
  • How can you be more like Mary in a season where being Martha consumes all of your time and effort?
  • What stirs your affection towards God? How can you create more opportunities for these moments?


Sample Email One:

Dear Friend,

I am thrilled that you all are able to join me for a Refresh Living Room on ((insert date here)). I have spent the last six weeks planning and preparing for our time together. I am expectant for what the Lord is going to do in us and through us.

For those who have never attended a Refresh gathering before, I want to give you a little glimpse of the heart and vision. Refresh exists to activate women in the kingdom of God. The mission is to create a space for women to connect with the Lord and allow Him to Awaken Dreams and Activate Purpose. In Romans 8 it says that ‘When His Spirit touches our Spirit, it confirms who we really are.’ Our prayer is that as we gather together in my living room, we would welcome the Lord to confirm who we really are and awaken dreams and activate purpose within us.

Below you will find a loose schedule for the night. I want to actually start at 7pm so my doors will be open at 6:30 ready to welcome and start introducing you all to each other.  

  • 6:30 - Arrive enjoy dessert & coffee
  • 7:00 - Welcome
  • 7:45 - Message: Purpose
  • 8:45 - Reflection & Worship
  • 9:00 - Encouragement & Prayer

Begin praying for the Lord to speak to you about His dreams, purposes, and gifts for you, but also be praying that He will use you to encourage His dreams, purposes and gifts in someone else. This is the Kingdom of God, everyone using their unique gifts together to be drawn closer to Him.  




Sample Email Two:

Hello Precious Ladies,

"...that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord." Acts 3:19

I wanted to send you a little note today to give you a few more details about the upcoming Refresh Living Room.  I want you to know that I have been praying for each of you individually.  I really believe that the Lord has appointed this night and has surely appointed those that will attend.  

I want to explain why we are gathering.  I feel that the Lord wants to bring a refreshing into our lives like a mighty wind.  If we are diligent to seek God, we will know Him in a deeper, more intimate way and the Lord will surely reveal Himself to us.  I pray that through this short time, we can relax, laugh, rest and get REFRESHED.  I want to ask that you begin to prepare your hearts for this time and ask the Lord what He has for you and the group. I believe the Lord wants to use us all to minister encouragement to each other.   

What to wear/bring: 

  • Cute PJ's and Slippers - this will be a comfy, relaxing night!  
  • Bible & your favorite pen
  • A heart ready to receive from the Lord.

Here are two questions I would like you to reflect on before our Refresh night:

  • What is the Lord stirring in your heart for our time together?
  • What are you hoping to leave with from this Refresh Living Room that you didn't have before? (ex: a word, closer relationship, purpose, renewed vision, confirmation)

Here is a tentative schedule for the night.  

  • 6pm - Arrival
  • 6:30 - Dinner served
  • 7:30 - Worship 
  • 7:45 - Message
  • 8:30 - Reflection, Discussion
  • 9:00 - Encouragement & Prayer 

I am truly looking forward to the fellowship and most of all, spending time in His presence together.  



Sample Schedules

Sample Schedule Three

  • 9am - Arrival & Coffee
  • 9:30 - Welcome & Breakfast
  • 10:25 - Group Picture
  • 10:30 - Worship
  • 10:45 - Testimony & Message
  • 11:30 - Worship & Journaling
  • 11:45 - Discussion Questions, Encouragement & Prayer

Sample Schedule One

  • 6:30 - Arrive enjoy dessert & coffee
  • 7:00 - Welcome
  • 7:45 - Message: Purpose
  • 8:45 - Reflection & Worship
  • 9:00 - Encouragement, Prayer & Group Picture

Sample Schedule Two

  • 6pm - Arrival
  • 6:30 - Dinner served
  • 7:25 - Group Picture
  • 7:30 - Worship & Communion
  • 7:45 - Message
  • 8:30 - Reflection, Discussion
  • 9:00 - Encouragement & Prayer 

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