Refresh is offering practical workshops Friday and Saturday afternoon during the Retreat. The workshops, packed with dynamic content, practical take-aways and intentional conversations, will enable you to dive deeper into a particular subject of your choice. Please read through the following descriptions and make your selections below. Please make your selections no later than Thursday, April 18th so we can plan ahead for your attendance. 

Please note the workshop times below in the schedule of events. There are 5 workshop selections for both Friday and Saturday. Each workshop will run 2 times giving you the opportunity to select TWO workshops from the list below. Simply choose one to attend on Friday and another to attend on Saturday!




4:00pm | Retreat Check-in

7:00pm | Gather & Pray for Retreat *Optional*


9:00am | Retreat Check-in

10:00am | Opening Session & Table Talk

12:00pm | Lunch *included in registration cost*

1:00pm | Coffee & Interview Session

2:30pm | Workshops

3:30pm | Worship, Prayer, Reflection & Journal Time in Main Hall

4:00pm | Break for Dinner *not included*

6:30pm | Evening Session & Extended Worship


9:30am | Dream Lab

12:00pm | Lunch *included in registration cost*

1:00pm | Afternoon Session

2:30pm | Workshops

3:30pm | Worship, Prayer, Reflection & Journal Time in Main Hall

4:00pm | Break for Dinner *not included*

6:30pm | Closing Session

9:00pm | Retreat Ends

Workshop Descriptions:

#1 Thriving at home

Workshop Speakers: Carolina Flores | Founder of My Hi Hello & Honor Home & Hospitality and Taylor Angulo | Refresh Creative Director

Do you find yourself stuck in the daily grind, resigned to merely go through the motions of home life? Come to the Thriving at Home workshop and be reminded of the power of your daily efforts and rhythms. We want to renew your perspective and help you see that the daily work of your hands is the launching pad for world changing work. Don’t be satisfied with surviving. We want to see you thrive! Join us as we look at the day-to-day and share practical ways to thrive at home.

Topics may include: daily nonnegotiable’s; the role as home builder; helpful routines; gaining perspective of why the daily matters; world changing work from home.

#2 Thriving in Ministry

**Only offered Friday**

Workshop Speaker: Adana Wilson | Gateway Pastor

Has God called you to lead in ministry? If so, this workshop is designed just for you. Come and be encouraged to not simply survive in your role, but to truly thrive. Learn how to manage the highs and lows that ministry bring. Unpack how to manage leading people (even the messy ones) well. And gain understanding that the Lord has not called you into ministry at the cost of your own joy and sanity. Join us as we learn to Thrive in Ministry.

Topics may include: leading people well; handling the highs and lows of ministry; not loosing your joy in the challenge; thriving vs surviving in ministry.

Thriving in Creativity

Workshop Speaker: Josh Bailey | co-founder of Dwell & Lightstock

Have you found yourself believing the myths that you’re either creative or not, that you don’t need to be creative to be happy, or that you have to be inspired to create? If so, join the Thriving in Creativity workshop to unmask these myths once and for all. During the workshop, you'll also learn about the importance of building a creative habit for life. Find out how to get started, discover the challenges you’ll face trying to establish it, and the rewards of sticking to it! This workshop will also give you the space to think through and write down a vision statement for your creative endeavors, as well as help you create bite-sized, attainable goals to reach them.

Topics may include: myths about creativity; creativity and human nature; building a creative habit for life; vision for your creative endeavors; short-term goal setting; a healthy relationship with creativity. 

#4 Thriving with a missions mindset

Workshop Speaker: Melissa Chu | co-founder of Now Hope Ministries

Do you find yourself believing that missions requires a passport, international flight, no electricity, eating bugs or performing skits with a team of 20 American’s all wearing the same shirt? Then join this Thriving with a Missions Mindset and take missions from foreign to familiar and from nations to neighborhoods. Come and find everyday courage to step up and speak out to those who cross your path on a daily basis. Join us as we define, understand and apply the great commission to our daily life.

Topics may include: the great commission; identifying the world around you; unmasking the myth that missions is a foreign affair; finding your everyday courage.

#5 Thriving in Leadership

Workshop Speaker: James Birkbeck & Panel | co-founder of Zealot Ventures

Have you been called to lead in your community? Join the Thriving in Leadership workshop and learn from 4 leaders in different circles of influence. Gain truth as they unpack challenges, struggles and victories they have each walked through in leadership. Come and gain insight about your role as a leader and how to make a greater impact. This workshop will be an intimate time of conversation that will give you a glimpse behind the scenes of leadership and how to thrive in your role.

Topics may include: overcoming disappointments in leadership; finding the victory in your mistakes; servant leadership; leading yourself and others well.

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