We want to hear your God story.

Our mission at REFRESH is to create intentional opportunities for connection to the Lord with the desire to awaken dreams and activate purpose. There are many of these opportunities but one of the newest ways is through REFRESH Stories here on the blog. What is REFRESH Stories you may be wondering? We're so glad you asked!

Have you ever received “a word” from God, gotten excited, and then lost steam when the momentum faded with the everyday demands of life? This is where we want REFRESH Stories to come in for you. We want to hear your word, and then to hear about the process you're on. What's the journey been like for you? What exciting things have happened? What are some of the challenges you've faced and how have you walked through those? Sharing these stories with our REFRESH community will provide encouragement, strength and hopefully fan a spark back into flame to keep you going in the "walking-it-out" stage of your own deams, no matter where you are on that journey.

The more stories we hear from each other, the more each one of us will be excited to continue with our own race! This is not for comparison, but rather a way to see that we can do it together, each of us in our own lane. Our individual platforms and influence will look different. Friends, that’s the beauty of the kingdom! We want to work together, so others will see the kingdom living inside of us. 

Each month we will feature someone walking out her story. These stories will help to spur us on, together. We will see the trials and triumphs. We will witness the heartaches and victories. We will be reminded of God's faithfulness and that "in Him all the promises of God are 'yes.'" That "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." And remember: God dreams don’t die... 

...each of us in our own lane.

So, if you have received a specific calling or word from God, are trying to walk it out, and would love to share your story, please respond below so we can come along side you. We want to share your story with the Refresh community and altogether we will cheer you on as you seek to follow the Lord and the dream He has put in your heart.

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